Dedicated to the Soldiers of Victory!

10 May 2017

On the eve of the Great Victory Day – May 9, the traditional sport’s event Olympics took place at the enterprises of the Taldinskaya Mining Company.

There were three teams which gathered to compete for the places on the podium: JSC “Shakhtoupravlenie” Taldinskoye-Kyrgayskoe “,  JSC ” Shahtoupravlenie “Taldinskoye-Yuzhnoye” and LLC “Miratex”.

Athletes fought for the victory in such sports as:

  • Volleyball;
  • Mini-football;
  • Raising weights;
  • Chess and checkers;
  • Tug-of-war.

All participants of the games were fighting for the first place with total dedication. They rightfully obtained places in the ranks of the strongest due to their perseverance, sport’s spirit and the desire to achieve the goal.

The team of JSC “Shakhtoupravlenie” Taldinskoye-Kyrgayskoe “won the first place and the winning cup of victory. Congratulations to the winners!

The performance of all teams at the Olympics gave bright emotions to the guests and fans!

Winners and runners-up of the competition were awarded by memorable medals and cash prizes.

TALDNSKAYA MINING COMPANY supports projects aimed to the development of physical culture and amateur sports for a healthy, strong and prosperous nation. A close attention to the development of the sports movement is going to be preserved in the future.

In gratitude for the victory Taldinskaya Mining Company provided financial assistance to veterans of the World War II.  In order to conduct festive events Company donated funds to the special fund of the Prokopyevsk municipal district and organized financial support for the veterans.