Development and life of the Taldinsky Mining Company

30 January 2017

Kemerovo region is known all over the world for a huge coal reserves. Hearing the word “Kuzbass” many people imagine immediately the giants of the coal industry. The history of the mine “Kyrgayskaya” began in 1982. It was built in the west of the Yerunakovskoye of the coal region in the northern part of the Krasulinsky deposit in the Prokopyevsky District of Kemerovo Region. The mine was commissioned in operation in 1989 with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of coal per year. It is necessary to perform technical re-equipment and complete modernization of production to further develop the mine. This process was started with the creation in early 2015 of the “Talda Mining Company”. The mine began a completely new life because of the active work of the new holding.

The following directions was determined as the main priorities of the Taldinsky Mining Company:

  • the safety of working conditions for workers;
  • high quality of the products;
  • the growth in the production volumes.

Despite the difficulties, the company fulfills the tasks for the development of production and implementation of socio-economic agreements with the region, which was especially noted by the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev. The past two years since the formation of the company have shown: we are responsible for our words and we are able to the most ambitious tasks. The volume of production at the end of 2016 at the mines Kyrgayskaya and Yuzhnaya totaled more than 2.8 million tons of coal, direct investments in the modernization and re-equipment of production amounted 2.4 billion rubles, tax deductions to the budget amounted to 540.4 million, more than 200 additional jobs were created at the enterprises, the total number of workers at the holding’s count more than 1,700 people.

Despite the already accomplished impressive amount of work, this is just the beginning of a long way. The mine successfully surrendered the state commission Lava 38-1 on December 20, 2016 . The commissioning of Lava 38-1 will allow the Kirghayska mine to increase its production capacity to 3 million tons of coal per year, which corresponds to the total output of both mines of the holding for 2016.

More details about the modernization will tell the general director of the “Management Company Taldinskaya” Vladimir Ulyanov:

“Colleagues, in the two years since the creation of the new management company, a huge amount of work has been done: four tunneling combines were purchased at the Kirghayskaya mine, each worth 45 million rubles.” The mine transport was modernized, new conveyors were built for mine workings and clearing works. A purification complex costing about 1.8 billion rubles, as a result, more than 3 billion rubles were invested in the technological development of the Kirghayskaya mine.

Thanks to the efforts and professionalism of the company’s employees, approximately 22,711 meters of excavations were completed, the “Kirghaysky-38″ layer was opened and prepared for development. After modernization, the production capacity of the mine is doubled: now it annually allows to produce 3 million tons of coal. Thus, with the preparation of a new layer, we ensured the prospect of stable operation of the mine for the next decade. Thanks to the diligent work of the company’s employees as we made a huge step forward in two years achieved impressive results and can confidently look to the future, which is especially important in our difficult times”.

The company’s activities are also actively developing at the Taldinskaya-Yuzhnaya mine, where currently work is underway to prepare for the development of the 44th and 45th layers.

The director of “Shakhtoupravlenie” Taldinskoye-Yuzhnoye ” Gubarev Alexander Yuryevich tells about it:

“Colleagues, the result of the mine’s work for the year 2016 is 1,500,000 tons of mined coal, 5200 meters of workings were passed, we take care of the working conditions of our employees, investing in the most modern mining, transport and tunneling equipment, and equipment worth a total of 277 million rubles : Two tunneling combines, a modular degassing plant, belt conveyors and reloaders.In the mine “Yuzhnaya” over two years of work, more than 600 million rubles have been invested in total. The plans for the coming year are also large-scale to exploit 1 600 000 tons of coal, to pass more than 10 kilometers of mine workings and also to prepare layers 44 and 45 for working off. “

The company pays much attention to the social support of employees: large-scale investments are invested in safety and improvement of labor conditions. The average monthly salary in the company is 58,000 rubles, which is one of the highest indicators for the industry in the region. Charitable actions are organized as the company is supported by the Kemerovo regional public fund “Miner’s memory” to them. Romanov. The company under social agreements with the administration of the Kemerovo region paid 25 million rubles and additionally contributed another 60 million rubles to the budget of the administration of the Kemerovo region. Thus the total volume of social payments increased to 85 million rubles.

Sergey Anatolyevich Lapin, miner:

“I work at the Kirghayskaya mine at mine number 1. I’m 33 years old, I work here for the last year. When there is a comparison you can compare. Yes, it’s much nicer here, it’s better to work, because there is stability and people work here knowing for what. They go to work with pleasure. “

Viktor Kuzmich Zinoviev a mechanic:

“I work for this company for a year on the site of the installation MDO as a mechanic. I like this enterprise. Great prospects for production. Much attention is paid to everyday life. People are given permits for a dispensary, a sanatorium, rest homes, children presents for the new year, trips to pioneer camps. Workers treat their work with great respect, value their workplace and perform everything in good faith. “

Alexei Vladimirovich Savin a sinker:

“I have been working at this enterprise for the fourth year. Spinner on the 4th site. I like everything here, the payroll began to grow. The leadership is also good and well treated. Our company is stable. There is a new technique, a new combine. We are confident of tomorrow. “

The main results of the company’s activity for two years was the growth of investments in the development of production, creation of additional jobs, fulfillment of social obligations to the Kemerovo region and impressive industrial achievements that open up great prospects for the company. And this is not the limit.

Management company Taldinskaya: security, professionalism, quality. Interests for the benefit of the region, for the benefit of the Motherland for people’s lives.