History of the company

History of the company

LLC Taldinskaya Mining Company has been working since 2007.

The company combined two mining companies, located in the west of Erunakovski coal district in the northern part of the deposit of Krasulinski Prokopyevsk district of the Kemerovo region.

The history of the company related to its main production sites:

  • Joint-stock company «Shahtoupravlenie «Taldinskoe-Kyrgaiskoe».
    The mine was commissioned in 1989 with 500 thousand tons of production volume. On that basis in 1995 first independent enterprise of Taldinskaya Mining Company was founded.  Production volume of coal was 1 mln tons.
  • Joint-stock company «Shahtoupravlenie «Taldinskoe-Juhnoe».
    Mine was founded in 1996 and it was put into full operation in 2009.

In 2007 both of mines became a part of Taldinskaya Mining Company.

In 2015 Company made a key investment in modernization and technical renovation of enterprises in order to increase capacity of coal-mining, improve the quality of coal and guarantee safe working conditions.

In the same year, we created few infrastructure companies for the purpose of our successful operation on the coal market:

  • LLC Taldinskaya Trading Company;
  • LLC Trading House Taldinskiy;
  • LLC Leasing Company Taldinskaya;
  • Ltd Mirateks Group.