Taldinskaya will increase investments by 600 million rubles

19 August 2016

“Management Company” Taldinskaya “in 2016 plans to invest in the development of the coal production of 2.8 bln. Rub., Which is 600 mln. Rub. more than in 2015, according to the press-service of the Kemerovo regional administration. Thus, the company intends to increase investments by 27%. “The funds will be spent on capital mining, construction and design work, and the bulk of investments – 1.5 billion rubles.. – Go for the purchase of mining equipment, primarily in the Kuzbass Mechanical Engineers, – said in a statement quoted Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Taldinskaya “Ruslan Rostovtseva. “Taldinskaya” will also send 45 million rubles. for design work on the establishment of the processing plant.

According to the press service, in 2015. “Taldinskaya” created 200 jobs due to a significant increase in tunnel works. “In the years 2016-2018 will continue opening jobs by building” Taldinskaya “coal volumes, the construction of the processing plant and its output on a designed capacity of 3 million tons”, – the report says. In 2016 the company plans to increase coal production by 100 thousand tons compared to the level in 2015 -. To 3.2 million tonnes.

The structure of the Criminal Code “Taldinskaya” consists of “Shakhtoupravleniye” Taldinskoye-Kyrgayskoe “and JSC” Shakhtoupravleniye “Taldinskoye-South”, previously included in Novokuznetsk Ltd. “West-Siberian coal company” ( “Zapsibugol”), controlled by businessman Alexander Shchukin. As reported, the mine office are subject to a corporate conflict between the ith Shchukin and his former partner Rostovtsev, the courts of different instances to date, considering a number of lawsuits.

As of January 2015, when the Criminal Code was registered “Taldinskaya”, its 100% owner was Mr. Rostovtsev. According to the extract from EGRUL March 29 “Taldinskaya” registered in Moscow and 100% owned by OOO “Taldinskaya Mining Company” (Moscow), 99% of which is controlled by Ruslan Rostovtsev.