Construction of the processing plant

21 June 2016

Management Company Taldinskaya “, which consists of two Kemerovo mines, in 2017 plans to begin construction of the processing plant and in the next two years to bring coal mining enterprises to design capacity, doubling production in each. On Tuesday told reporters CEO” Taldinskaya “Fedor Strizhko .

“We have plans to build the processing plant, but it will not be 2016 and 2017.” – He said, adding that next year is planned to start the construction. The power plant, which will be required for the processing of coal from the mine “Taldinskaya-South”, will be 3 million tons. “The estimated cost of the factory, if you take on the design layout, the order of 2.4 billion rubles,” – added a haircut.

In 2016, the company plans to invest 2.6 billion rubles, which is 18% more than in 2015. “Investments are needed for reaching full production capacity of 3 million tons of mine” Kyrgayskaya “I think that since October, the mine will start to work in this mode, the second -.. Is an investment in the mine” Taldinskaya-South “, which also in 2018 we plan to bring to the mode Started 3 million tons “, – he said. Now each of the companies has produced an average of 1.5 million tons of coal. It is planned that this year’s production of the company will grow by 200 thousand tons -. To 3.3 million tons.

According to the director, for a new reservoir, which will begin production, purchased equipment from Russian manufacturers, including plants in Kuzbass – “Anzheromash”, HTA, etc.

“Management Company” Taldinskaya “effective since January 2015 and brings together two mine office” Taldinskoye – Kyrgayskoe “and” Taldinskoye – South “and” Taldinskaya trading company “(sells coal) and the loading point The number of workers in the mines for 2015. increased by 200 people – up to 1.4 thousand this year will create about 100 jobs in the “Kyrgayskoy” until 2014 coal assets “UK Taldinskaya” is directed by Alexander Shchukin and Ruslan Rostovtsev, 2015 -.. under the control of only the last . According to the Certificate of Incorporation of March 29, the owner of the managing company is LLC “Taldinskaya mining company”, 99% owned by Rostovtsev.